The Best Decoy Anchor Lines I’ve Ever Used!

This may be the very first product endorsement I’ve ever put on my Facebook page, but fellow duck hunters, please pay attention, as these anchor lines deserve a
mention here.

I switched to “Texas-style” decoy anchor systems a few years ago, and saw the benefits of not having to wrap lines around decoy keels. In general, the Texas rigs allow one handed pickup and toss-out, and they tangle far less than traditional decoy lines and anchors. But they still tangled — some commercial rigs with black line became “springs” after some use, especially in cold weather. Better yet were my homemade rigs using “weed-whacker” line. But they have memory too.

Then my friend Shannon Tompkins, Outdoor Editor for the Houston Chronicle, told me about Lifetime Decoys anchor systems, which use vinyl coated cable. I ordered three dozen 60″ lines with anchors before heading out to North Dakota (the folks there were great at getting my order together and to me in time), and rigged them to my decoys.

So far, in five days of hard hunting in cold weather, not only have we not had ONE tangled decoy line (when’s the last time you could say that?), I’m impressed that despite temperatures in the morning in the 20s and 30s, and after being put away wet in the back of the truck to freeze overnight, the anchor lines have ZERO memory. No coiling. No kinks. And no cursed tangles!

So that’s my report. No I wasn’t paid to say this. I just had to share what I think is a great product. Based on my experience with these lines at 60 inches, I would have no worries about ordering 72 inch lines (which I’m going to do when I get home!!!!), or perhaps even longer. We hunters in the Upper Midwest tend to use longer lines than in the South, and longer Texas-style rigs become a problem. But I think that even at 84 inches, these lines would still remain tangle-free. I may see if I can’t special order a few of that length to give them a try on deeper water diving duck hunts. Check out Lifetime Decoys.

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Lifetime Decoys’ rigs are handmade American products that set a high standard in Texas-style rigged decoy lines. If you have not made the switch to the slip-style decoy rig, you are missing out on a great way to haul, place, store, and quickly handle dozens of decoys at a time. Pick-up is simple and all you have to do is grab the decoy, hook the loop on the provided large, camouflage carabiner, and drop the decoy, keeping your hand out of the cold water. Grab one after another and hook them on and you can hold a dozen or more decoys very easily. Putting decoys out is equally easy, but take a look at Lifetime’s video to see for yourself.

I used mine on magnum foam-filled decoys with four-ounce teardrop weights. This type of weight does not grab vegetation and works very well. In total I have just over 25 pounds on the carabiner, so in this format you might consider the overall weight. A three-ounce weight coupled hollow standard-sized decoys reduces the weight to just over 12 pounds. You will quickly notice when grabbing the loops that they are big and easy to grab. This makes picking up the decoys much easier.

Lifetime provides steel cable-coated lines that come in a variety of lengths and a variety of color options. Complete two-dozen kits are also available to prepare 24-inch to 48-inch decoys for only $54.99. These kits include the heavy-duty cross-lock swivels, three-ounce teardrop weights, 48-inch lines, and two extra-large carabiners, making two-dozen decoy rigs. Pre-made rigs come in 30-inch ($34.99), 48-inch ($39.99), and 72-inch ($44.99) lengths. Custom rigs are available with three-ounce weights and lengths in one-inch increments from 24 to 48 inches. Crimps, weights, and swivels are available separately.

The cable-coated rigs have huge benefits over monofilament rigs, such as greater strength, enhanced weather resistance, virtually no line memory, almost no tangling, and are backed up by a three-year warranty. Rigging is simple using a fixed weight-style of Texas rig which gives you a decoy that can move about on the line using a swivel and heavy-duty clip attached to the decoy. This type of rig provides excellent realism on the water, as the decoy’s movement is not restricted by tethering it directly to the decoy weight. While other options for line exist, the use of plastic-coated cable is an important benefit of Lifetime Decoy rigs because the swivel and decoy will never hang up on a kinked line and leave the line floating on the surface.

Another notable feature of the Lifetime Decoy coated cable is it does not tangle easily and will not knot. The cables are also protected from abrasion and should they kink, they can easily be bent back straight. Because the cable is so durable you can shorten the cables by tying a large knot around all the lines with the carabiner attached and haul or store them with no chance of a kink or memory loops. With a three-year warranty and a pretty much indestructible material, the Lifetime Decoy rigs are meant to last a lifetime and those cold days of wrapping lines around keels and heads are over.

Introduction: By now we all know the concept of a texas rigged decoy. Well, Lifetime Decoys has taken that idea to the next level. While their version still has the convenient function of the ordinary texas rig it also adds extreme durability. Based out of Houston Texas; Lifetime Decoys has created arguably the most durable, rugged and indestructible decoy rig on the market. With numerous different versions to choose from we will be focusing on the 48″ model.

First Impressions: We received these rigs from Lifetime Decoys and we were immediately impressed with their design. Constructed out of coated steel cable, these things appear to be able to withstand an absolute beating. Each rig came equipped with a heavy duty clip and swivel to ensure they stay attached to your decoys. Since these were the 48″ version they came with a 4oz lead teardrop weight.
Heavy duty clip and swivel, to connect each rig to your decoys

Above each weight and at the loops there is a metal cable crimp, that gives the rig a very clean look by getting rid of the loose ends. This should make them less likely to catch weeds and other obstacles. The package also comes with a big camouflage carabiner. A carabiner is a must when using texas rigs, so it’s nice they give you one to help keep your decoys organized. Needless to say we were impressed with the texas rigs and we were ready to take them to the water.

Field Test: First thing we did was rig up a dozen decoys with the new lines. The plastic on the keel around the line tie on some brand decoys was too thick for the clip to go through and snap shut. This is a common problem with all texas rigs that use any sort of clip, but it can easily be fixed by running a zip tie or string through the hole and attaching the clip to it.

Once we had the decoys ready we went out to the water to see how they would perform. We tossed the decoys out and each one deployed without a hitch. The decoy would hit the water and the line would slide through the swivel until the weight hit the bottom. Some were thrown in the grass and others in the open water. The 4oz weights held them all in place. Now that the decoys were out it was time to pick them up. In my opinion, texas rigs shine the most when it’s time to pick up. These rigs were designed so that all you have to do is grab the head of the decoy, pull up until the loop reaches the swivel and then hook it onto the carabiner. This is the best way they can be designed because you never have to get your hands wet.

Once you get all you decoys on the carabiner you can drag them around and throw them anywhere, and they will all stay together; and for the most part not tangle. The coated steel cable is stiff enough to prevent most tangles yet limp enough to not cause problems with the line sliding through the swivel. Everything performed flawlessly and seemed durable enough that nothing short of a bulldozer could damage.

Conclusion: The coated steel cable is certainly unique. It has the right amount of stiffness to be perfect for the application. It is also extremely tough. These rigs should easily last for years unlike many monofilament set ups that are likely to dry rot or retain so much memory they become useless. Not only are these things tough, they also come with a 3 year warranty. Lifetime Decoys sells these in three different sizes, 30″, 48″, 72″, or if you like projects they sell a do it yourself kit. Either way, they’ve got you covered. Lifetime Decoys are “the highest quality, longest lasting decoy rigs on the market, guaranteed”.

Best Texas Rigs on the Market

These Texas rigs are the best ones on the market! I can promise you that your money is well spent with these! No more replacing lines every year! I have had problems with tangled lines and Hardcore cord breaking after only one usage! I cut my lines on 12 of my decoys last night and put the lifetime decoy rigs on and took me 5 mins to do and clip them together and was ready for this morning! Took me a minute to put them out this morning and about minute to bring them all in! This seriously is one of the best ways to go! Use more decoys with out the hassle of tangles and weights falling off! I can’t wait until I buy another 5 dozen for the rest of my decoys! Where else can you find a 3 year warranty if something breaks you can have it fixed! I wouldn’t think twice about picking these up again I love them and know any other serious duck hunter will as well

Ryan Z

Top of the Line Time Savers

Of all of my duck hunting gear this is easily one of the best purchases I have made. I have used every type of rig system out there and every variation of a Texas rig and these stand well above the competition. Other Texas rigs, regardless of how neatly I stow them in my decoy bags, always end up a tangled mess for my next hunt. No matter how you throw these in a bag they will not tangle. I can throw out and pick up 100 decoys in a matter of minutes.

Since they cables don’t have any memory I will typically put a dozen on a carabineer and then tie the cables in a single knot towards the decoys and throw them in a large mouth decoy bag. If you try this with ANY other Texas rig you will end up with kinks, bends, and tangles in your cords.

On top of all of this I will never have to replace these.

Joel Thorson

These are great! We used them during the early teal season.

These are great! We used the during the early teal season. We also had other decoys rigged with another brand. These are just built better. Like a tank! The ones with mono type line already had some memory while these just lay down. The crimps also seem to be more substantial. The only downside is they are heavier than the mono. My only suggestion would be to allow the purchaser to select what length and size weights. I bought the 48″ and if I recall they have 6oz weights.

Cary S.

Best Decoy Rigs. Period.

I have gone through more than my fair share of rigs for decoys. Braided line, trotline, para cord, plastic rubber line, and all types of weights, swivels, and clamps. These rigs from lifetime decoys are the best I have seen. They are built like a tank and will probably outlast me. I love these and highly recommend them to any duck hunter. I like them so much I purchased more of them to redo all of my decoys.

Robby B

Very impressed with the durability of these rigs.

Last year was my first season using lifetime rigs and I was very impressed with their durability, not too mention it was very nice not spending 10 minutes each morning untangling lines. I highly recommend these rigs to anyone in the market for new decoy lines, I can guarantee I’ll be getting more before the start of this season.

Elliot F

Husband won’t use anything else!

My husband absolutely swears by these and will not use anything else for his decoys after receiving the first set and trying it out last year. He now has three sets and is even thinking about getting another so he can have one set for the river/cornfield blinds and another for the pond reserve behind our house. He says they are the quickest and easiest way to rig decoys for deploying them and retrieving them.

Karen M.

Best Decoy Rigs on the Market

Coming from someone who duck hunts at least 3-4 days per week of the season these are the best rigs I have ever used. Not only do they save me a ton of time on setup but they are also the most hassle free decoy rig on the market. I have used every rig on the market. Anything from rig em rights to mojo Texas rigs. These are the flat out best. One of the main features I love is how the carabineer clip for the rig is at the top of the decoy keel. Rig em right Texas rigs make you have to reach down all the way to the bottom of the rig. If you haven’t tried these rigs out I challenge you to use them and then tell me they aren’t the best.


Cable is the way to go!

Ordered these weights they are amazing. No more hassle with clear cord getting tangled. With these cable lines you can try to tangle them but it doesn’t happen!!! Definitely would recommend these to all waterfowl hunters!!!


Impossible to Tangle!

Great decoy rigs, theese rigs will never tangle. Definitely worth the money. They are light and durable. I had them hanging for about 2 weeks before I had a chance to go hunt and they were tied in a knot close to the Decoys. Went hunting and when I undid the knot there was no memory of the knot what so ever.

Amazon Customer

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