With our patent pending PVC coated steel cable design, our Texas Rigs are built to outlast your decoys and never tangle. Our ultra-high quality decoy rigs have set the standard in quality, durability, and convenience. The “Texas Rig” design utilizes a fixed weight and sliding decoy. This design is far superior to a sliding weight because the retrieval loop sits next to the decoy keel when in the water, keeping your hands dry when picking up. Additionally, the lines will always remain functional even if damaged, unlike with a sliding weight design.

How to choose your length and weight:
First and foremost, because of our coated cable line material, you don’t have to worry as much about your rigs being slightly long.  Generally, we find that the 30” rigs are good for rice fields and flooded timber up to your knees.  The 48” rigs are good for anything between mid-thigh and chest height.  Our four ounce teardrop shaped weights are designed to catch fewer weeds and will hold most decoys if there is vegetation in the body of water.  If you are hunting tidal or moving waters with a hard bottom, you will want to use the six ounce mushroom weight.  Anything deeper than that, you’re looking at the 72” and 10 foot Texas rig.