QuackRack Elite Series Products

Our Elite Series products are identical in both design and function to the Guide Series, but with one major upgrade; LIGHTS. We’ve designed and integrated LED lighting systems specific to each system, that allow you stay organized in the dark, light up the kill hole, or simply see where you’re going. All systems are available in standard white light, and stealth red light for preserving natural night vision, and mitigating potential light scatter while you’re en route or setting up, on the X. Please note that Elite Series Products come standard with Red Lights, other color lights are available upon request.

  • The Quack Rack Elite Series Rear Rack has the same great features as our popular Guide Series Rear Rack, But with one major difference, LIGHTS! Carry all of your gear from Point-A to The X with our patented decoy hauling system. Featuring the new 2.0 carabiner attachment points, with more options for finding that perfect decoy bundle height, and four decoy line retainers per side; haul 12+ dozen decoys with any common length Texas Rig decoy line. 2.0 Series Racks are built standard with FOUR spinning wing decoy holders. Spacious upper basket gives you a place to haul anything you'd like to keep dry, and doubles the available cargo space. We've added LED's to the bottom side of the rack so that you can easily illuminate your cargo area in the dark! The Elite Series Rack comes pre-wired; just run two wires to your unit's battery, and you're done! Like all of our products, it Installs quickly, is rust/corrosion resistant, and built to outlast your UTV.
  • Once again Quack Rack is changing the way you hunt. Just like we revolutionized the way you use your UTV. Now we are turning your boat into the work horse you’ve always dreamed it would be. Made 100% in the USA by American hands. The BT1 is a Decoy and Gear hauling solution that will not only save time and effort. It creates floor space organization and usefulness to your boat. No more wet, and stepped on broken bags and decoys littering the floor of your boat. The boat rack measures 48”w X 35”d X 14” and can be mounted either permanent or with turnbuckles (not provided). The BT1 has adjustable leg placement so that mounting the legs isn’t affected by trolling motor stands or storage compartments. Weighing in at just over 35lbs the BT1 is well worth it’s weight in gold.
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  • The Quack Rack Guide Series Front Rack features a folding design that allows access to the hood area underneath in seconds, is constructed with 100% Aluminum, powder coated for durability, and installs in minutes. Custom cut "pill hole" railing lets you secure gear with any bungee, strap, or common tie down system.

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