• Gang Rig


    Gang rig made of PVC coated steel cable

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    120ft PVC coated swiveling steel cable mainline

    24 – 36″ PVC coated steel cable mainline decoy drops.

    2 – 1.5KG (3.3lb) folding galvanized steel grapnel anchors



    Swivels built in the mainline every six feet allow the line to uncoil itself. No coils, no tangles.  

    36″ mainline drops come with stainless steel swivel clip to attach to your decoys, and a big coast lock snap to easily attach drops anywhere on the mainline. The mainline also includes stoppers every two feet between the swivels. You can place a decoy every two feet and it will hold even in the strongest of currents.

    Guaranteed to best Gang Rig you’ll ever own.