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    The Best Decoy Anchor Lines I’ve Ever Used! 
    Lifetime Decoy Anchor system laying flat after five days of hunting, and after being tied into an overhand loop in 30 degree weather for those same five days…




    Last week I was honored to win 2 dozen decoy rigs in a TBH photo contest. After receiving my rigs I finally put ’em to work today.

    A little background:

    I duck hunt…a lot! I hunt with a lot of different people, in different places in all kinds of set ups. I have seen and used every decoy rig known to man and homemade. The system I’ve been using for 5-6 yrs is as close as theirs as possible with a few changes… weight design and cord.

    I honestly wanted them to be equal to mine and figured “no way they’re better”… Wrong

    These are the single most non-tangle, easy pick-up, easy toting rigs made. Zero memory and weights didn’t grab vegetation at all, and we were in heavy veg today.

    I’ll call an ace an ace anytime, and will say thanks for any gift. But honestly if you’re not using these… you’re just fighting it.

    Thanks for the awesome product!!!!

    Kyle Hayes


    Absolute best system I’ve ever used….and I’ve used them all. I use 30″ and 48″
    and I’ve been happy with both. They don’t kink. They don’t break. They very
    seldom even tangle more than just twisting around each other a bit. Easy
    deployment and easy to pick up. Easy enough for my ten year old twin girls do
    it, and they often do. I couldn’t be happier with the product, the service and
    the price. Simply put, I’ll use them until they break, which may never happen,
    and then I’ll buy some more

    – Curt in Texas


    Folks, these are the best ones out there! I own three sets and am gonna get more soon. The cheap ones at Academy tangle and are bad. These make it twice as fast to set up and pick up after the hunt!

    Best thing I ever bought for duck hunting!

    I can’t believe I went so long using the old wrap up the line method. These make it soooo easy to put out and pick up the decoys it’s unreal!!! Might need more for Christmas!!

    -Junior on www.texasbowhunter.com


    Tested these out for the first time this weekend and they are just awesome! If you’re doing it the old way trust me fellas this is the best money you’ll spend

    -Fightinaggies on www.texasbowhunter.com


    I received the prize pack of a dozen 4′ decoy rigs and didn’t have time to put them on before the next day’s hunt. Right about shooting time, I noticed 3 decoys were hopelessly tangled together. That’s when I realized that I hate dealing with that issue at daylight when I need to be focused on the sky and ducks. I pulled them out and shrank my spread to 9 decoys.

    I got home, got out the knife and started cutting the line off. I snapped the new Lifetime Decoys rigs on. No knots to come undone. I then tossed them in the bag intentionally trying to tangle them up. We got out the next day and I pulled decoys out effortlessly, and what did get wrapped up came loose and right out of the bag.

    I’m sold, I will be rigging all of my decoys in this way. A new, heavier weight model will be offered for my goose floaters soon. They’ll get rigged up the same way.

    This is a no brainer for me. Wrapping decoy line is one of the biggest chores in duck hunting, especially when the water is frigid. Tangles are a PITA. These are the most practical thing I have seen and can’t recommend them enough.

    If you’re into buying the right stuff and using the hell out of it, these are for you. No matter what you do, you can’t break these. No more losing the weight because I try to put too much Joe Montana on a decoy to get it out there far. More importantly, not losing a decoy pre-dawn or having to retrieve a deserter. We shoot deserters around here.

    -Don Taylor


    Chairman of the Allegheny Chapter of Delta Waterfowl

    I used Lifetime Decoy rigs this past season with great success. I hunt flooded timber holes so we put out and pick up decoys each hunt. You can pick up the decoys without getting your hands all wet when it’s cold. I will be ordering more in the near future.

    -RKENT on www.duckhuntingchat.com


    Got 3 of the 4′ rigs recently, a buddy and I share the dekes, and between us we have had them out 3 times. The amount of time and cold fingers these have saved already has made them more than worth it. Grab and throw for set up, walk by and snap on the carabiner for pick up. And thanks for the hat too. We will probably get a couple of the 6′ rigs just in case.

    -Txpanhandler on www.duckhuntingchat.com


    Received 3 dozen of the Lifetime Decoy rig this Xmas for the buy 2 dozen and get the 3rd dozen free. I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed with this type of rigging. I however hadn’t had a chance to use them since our season gets over in MN before xmas. So I can’t throw an honest review at them until next September but they will look amazing on my new Dakota floating mallards!! On to the real reason why I posted currently I have all of my decoys rigged up with the Rig EM right method and after looking at the lifetime decoy lines I am done with the Rig em rights. The one thing that I have noticed is that the rig em right lines have a lot of memory to them and once they are cinked they are worthless because the weight can’t slide freely down to the bottom and the decoy line floats above the water line. Just my .02 but I can’t wait to use these next season well worth the money in my opinion.

    -MNWaterfowler22 on www.duckhuntingchat.com